Duffs Jewellers Signature Collection

With more than 90 years of experience in retail and manufacturing, Duffs Jewellers has mastered the art of timeless design. The Signature Collection brings together our most popular diamond ring designs. These classic pieces have endured across the decades and are still winning hearts today.


The stunning Christmas-star inspired Renai is all about the sparkle. Our long-loved cluster diamond ring outshines all others, at any time of year.


Why stop at one diamond? Our hallmark five-diamond engagement ring made a stunning debut in the mid-2000s and continues to woo discerning brides to be.


The sparkle goes on and on! And so will your love for this full band of brilliant round cut diamonds. Set in 18-carat white gold, our Susan is simply irresistible.


Bold and beautiful, our 1960s inspired Marjorie stands the test of time with its robust craftsmanship, elegant milgrain finish and vintage charm.