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Top Three Diamond Trends For Unique Brides-To-Be

Brides-to-be are breaking with tradition and choosing unique and individual styles for their engagement rings.

This year we’re seeing some interesting trends in diamond and ring styles as couples choose to show their love in a unique way.

Duffs Jewellers’ Ben Duff explains: “While the round brilliant is still the most admired, other cuts are having their moment in the sun.”

Here are three of the top trends we’re seeing this year:

Oval diamonds

Ovals are continuing to be popular - and there are good reasons why.

“They give you a lot more diamond for your money. They look bigger carat for carat and they still sparkle,” explains Ben.

Oval diamonds also elongate the finger, resulting in an elegant look.

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Emerald cut diamonds

The emerald cut is trending heavily.

An emerald cut diamond produces less sparkle than a round brilliant, but what it lacks in sparkle, it makes up for in sophistication.

Originally developed for cutting emeralds (hence the name), an emerald cut is distinguished by its long elegant lines. It’s a stepped cut, usually rectangular in shaped.

Celebrities including Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez have been seen rocking this look in recent times, but the trend is nothing new. Elizabeth Taylor and Grace Kelly made the style popular for engagement rings many years earlier.

Toi et Moi

It’s French for “you and me”.

Characterised by combining two different stones on the one ring, this style symbolises togetherness. Sometimes a third stone is added, representing a couple’s past, present and future.

This ring style allows for lots of creativity, resulting in a totally unique look that helps tell the story of your love.

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