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Pink Diamonds Are Red Hot

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then the world’s rarest and most beautiful pink diamonds must surely be her BFF.

Australia’s revered pink diamonds are an ancient and mysterious gift from mother nature. Celebrities, brides, jewellery connoisseurs and investors are all fans of pink.

Not only are pink diamonds exquisitely beautiful, they are also extremely durable, making them perfect for engagement rings and heirloom jewellery pieces. Pink diamonds are often paired with white diamonds to create pendants, earrings, bracelets and rings fit for a princess.

Pink diamonds are widely considered to be highly collectable, so not only are they a great addition to your jewellery collection, they’re also a genuine investment.

But if you’re looking to join the pink party, be warned: they are among the most expensive of all diamonds in the world.

The largest and most consistent supply of pink diamonds was from the Argyle Diamond Mine located in the remote East Kimberley region of Western Australia. But with the mine closing in late 2020, demand for these precious little pink freaks is only increasing.


About the Argyle mine

The story of pink diamonds begins in a remote corner of Western Australia, the East Kimberley Region, 3040 km from Perth. Diamonds were discovered in the dry creek beds of this awe-inspiring and rugged landscape in the 1980s.

Rio Tinto opened the Argyle mine in 1983 and it soon became one of the largest suppliers of diamonds in the world, including the highly coveted pink diamonds.

Only a small percentage of diamonds are pink (less than 0.1 per cent).

The Argyle diamond mine closed in late 2020 due to diminishing yield, and pink diamonds are expected to become even more prized by investors and collectors.


What to look for in pink

The presence of the colour pink in diamonds remains a bit of a mystery but one thing we do know is that unlike other  ‘Fancy Colour’ diamonds, pink diamonds do not derive their colour from impurities. Instead, it is thought that the colour is caused by some kind of seismic event that entered the stone’s molecular structure.

The mystery just adds to the allure of pink diamonds.

When it comes to buying pink diamonds, colour is one of the most important of the 4 Cs grading system (the others being cut, clarity and carat). The more intense and purer pinks are the most rare, most desired and therefore most expensive.

Argyle developed its own system for grading the colour which is separate to the standard GIA ratings. The main categories are: PP (Purplish Pink), P (Pink), PR (Pink Rose) and PC (Pink Champagne). The colour saturation is graded based on intensity, ranging from 1 (highest intensity) to 9 (lowest intensity).

The largest pink diamond ever found in Australia is the Pink Jubilee at 8.01 carats, which was donated to Museums Victoria in 2012, and it is said to be priceless.


Duffs pink diamonds

Duffs Jewellers specialises in pink diamonds including Pink Kimberley Diamonds and Blush Pink Diamonds. Our range currently includes pink diamond rings, pink diamond necklaces, pink diamond earrings and pink diamond engagement rings.

Pink Kimberley is an award winning, family-owned Australian jewellery brand.

Showcasing the rarest and most beautiful diamonds in the world, Pink Kimberley jewellery is made from 18 carat white and rose gold. The individual stones are painstakingly selected and carefully arranged to create stunning jewellery that pushes the limits of design.

The Blush Pink Diamonds range was developed in response to the increasing popularity of this precious and rare stone, as a more affordable and accessible option.

Blush Pink Diamonds jewellery is also crafted from 18 carat gold featuring a blend of fine white and pink diamonds, designed to be worn as everyday jewellery.

A key difference between Blush Pink Diamonds and Pink Kimberley Diamonds is the size, colour, and number of diamonds in each jewellery piece. Blush pink diamonds are generally lighter in colour and therefore less expensive than the stronger colours of the Pink Kimberley diamonds.

Pink Kimberley and Blush pink diamond jewellery come with an identification card featuring an image and description of the piece.


Hurry! The pink party is almost over…

Diamonds may be forever, but the supply of pinks, my friends, is not.

This unique Australian resource has been a boon for jewellery lovers and investors for several decades, but the pink party is about to come to an end.

With the recent closure of the world’s biggest source of pink diamonds, you’ll need to act quickly to secure your own little piece of this most exquisite geological wonder.

See the range of Pink Kimberley and Blush pink diamond jewellery in store at Duffs or browse the collection here .