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Lab Grown Diamonds

....Yes, they are the real thing.

It’s fair to say that at Duffs Jewellers, we’re obsessed with diamonds.

Pear, round, oval, emerald, heart, princess, emerald, brilliant, we love them all!

If you’ve lusted after Kourtney Kardashian’s whopping oval engagement ring or Ariana Grande’s show-stopping pear-shaped diamond, you’re not alone.

And the good news is, advances in technology are making larger diamonds more affordable. So the bigger, bolder diamonds being flashed around by celebrities are also within the reach of everyday mortals.

In fact, lab-grown diamonds now make up approximately half of all diamond engagement rings sold in our three Geelong stores.

One of the first questions we get asked is: are they still real diamonds? The answer is yes, of course. Chemically, optically and physically, they are exactly the same as a natural diamond. The difference is, they are grown under very specific, controlled conditions in a laboratory, as opposed to being mined from the earth.

Like natural diamonds, lab-growns still vary in clarity, cut, colour and carat (known as the 4 Cs) making each one unique. Lab-grown diamonds are graded in exactly the same way as natural diamonds, and even experts have difficulty distinguishing lab grown and natural diamonds.

Lab Grown Diamonds Engagement Rings

Why choose lab-grown diamonds?

For a growing number of people, the choice between lab-grown diamonds and mined diamonds is profoundly influenced by environmental and ethical considerations. Lab-grown diamonds, in particular, have garnered attention due to their significantly reduced environmental impact. Unlike their mined counterparts, lab-grown diamonds do not necessitate extensive large-scale mining operations. This eco-conscious choice resonates strongly with those who prioritise preserving the planet's delicate ecosystems and minimising their carbon footprint.

While the environmental benefits of lab-grown diamonds are evident, it's worth keeping in mind that their creation does require electricity to facilitate the intricate growth process. This electricity consumption can result in a carbon footprint, albeit typically lower than the environmental impact of traditional diamond mining. There are certainly pros and cons for both methods.

But for most people, it simply comes down to price. For many, the affordability of lab-grown diamonds serves as an irresistible draw. These diamonds offer an exceptional opportunity to adorn oneself or a loved one with larger, more dazzling gems at a fraction of the cost of their natural diamond ring counterparts. This affordability aspect not only allows individuals to realise their dreams of sparkling elegance but also underscores the versatility and inclusivity that lab-grown diamonds bring to the world of fine jewellery. 

With more sparkle for less money, lab-grown diamonds bridge the gap between luxury and accessibility, providing an attractive option for those seeking to make an ethical, environmentally conscious, and economically sensible choice.

Lab Grown Diamond Rings Rose Gold

Where can I view lab-grown diamonds?

Duffs Jewellers is pleased to offer a limited range of lab-grown diamonds & engagement rings, lab grown diamond rings, and lab grown diamond rings set in rose gold. So come in and talk to Duffs Jewellers’ diamond experts at one of our three Geelong stores. With more than 90 years’ expertise in fine jewellery, the Duffs Jewellers teams can answer any of your questions about diamonds.