Give your old jewellery a fairytale makeover

Give Your Old Jewellery A Fairytale Makeover 

So, you’ve inherited a family heirloom piece of jewellery that has great sentimental value, but sadly it’s not something you want to wear. Or perhaps that once-special diamond engagement ring given to you long ago has lost its lustre. Here’s what you can do to bring the sparkle back.

Transform that old piece of jewellery into something truly unique with the help of the experts at Duffs Jewellers. Your outdated or worn-out piece can be re-made into something special that can be worn and treasured for decades to come.

Here’s how it works

Our jeweller will closely examine your old piece of jewellery to determine which stones and metals can be re-used. Together we’ll discuss ideas and options for creating a new piece, incorporating as many of the old materials as possible.

Our talented team will work with you to redesign the piece into something new. It might be as simple as re-setting existing stones, or perhaps you’re wanting something completely different. Either way, we’ll work with you and your ideas.

Together, we’ll create a beautiful piece of jewellery that reflects your own personal style.

We can even sketch the design so you can see exactly what your new piece of jewellery will look like.

Savings and benefits

While a remake will generally be less expensive than a brand new custom designed piece, the final cost will depend on labor and additional stones or metals required.

For most of our customers, a re-make is about memories, not money. The main reason most people want to re-make their old jewellery is to preserve the sentimental value, or celebrate life’s changes, milestones and or even moving on.

Whatever your reason for wanting a remake, you’ll end up with a piece that is truly unique and retains some of the features or sentiment of the original piece.

Why trust Duffs Jewellers with your special piece?

Duffs Jewellers is Geelong’s most experienced jeweller, specialising in jewellery repairs, remakes and fully customised jewellery design.

Family owned and operated for more than 90 years, Duffs Jewellers operates three stores in Geelong and Waurn Ponds.