Create your own bespoke coloured gemstone jewellery

Create your own bespoke coloured gemstone jewellery

You might be surprised to learn that it’s actually easy to create your own bespoke coloured gemstone jewellery piece - and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

In fact, at Duffs Jewellers we encourage you to bring your ideas to us and we’ll help design your perfect piece.

Whether you’re looking for an engagement or dress ring, a pendant or earrings, coloured gemstones are a unique option.

We’ll help you every step of the way. Here’s how to create your own unique coloured gemstone jewellery piece:

1. Choose your gemstone from our extensive collection

Once you take a look at our magical collection of beautiful coloured loose gemstones, you’ll be like a kid in a lolly shop trying to choose.

We have more than 200 loose coloured gemstones to choose from including aquamarine, topaz, garnet, morganite, spinel, tanzanite, indicolite and more, in every imaginable colour, shape and size.

Luckily, our expert team can help steer you in the right direction in terms of choosing the right stone for your jewellery piece.

See the collection here or call in to our Market Square or Westfield stores to view the gemstones in person.

2. Together, we create your bespoke design

Our team includes award winning jewellery designers, experienced jewellers and gemologists, so you can trust our experts to give you the right advice. We start with your ideas, whether vague or specific, and guide you through the process of creating a beautiful piece of jewellery that reflects your own personal style.

We’ll help design a jewellery piece that complements your chosen stone to ensure your piece is just perfect.

3. Take possession of your dream piece of coloured gem jewellery

Once we’ve finalised your design, the process to create your dream jewellery takes approximately 4-6 weeks. Then it’s yours to wear and enjoy.

Our high quality jewellery is made to last, so not only do you get to wear a truly unique piece, it will also become an heirloom that can be passed down to future generations.