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We invite you to pull back the curtain and delve into the captivating world of jewellery. Join our head of creative, Ben, and our experienced buyer and store manager, Anthony, as they take you on an exclusive journey through jewellery trends, insider tips, and the latest products in our exciting new video series.

In our inaugural episode, set against a festive backdrop, you'll gain insider knowledge about watches, diamonds, and gold jewellery. Here's a sneak peek of what awaits in this video.
Our head of creative Ben and buyer/ store manager Anthony are pulling back the curtain to provide an inside look at jewellery trends and new products, plus insider tips and knowledge.

Timeless Elegance on your Wrist from Duffs Jewellers

Anthony, our watch connoisseur, showcases the hottest timepieces that adorn the wrists of watch enthusiasts worldwide. From the iconic Casio watches that effortlessly blend style and functionality to the prestigious Seiko and Tissot watches that epitomise sophistication and precision, our collection caters to every discerning taste and style.

Lab Grown Diamonds vs. Real Diamonds

Ben, our diamond expert, sheds light on the fascinating world of diamonds. Learn about the key differences between lab grown diamonds and their earth-mined counterparts. Uncover the remarkable qualities and sustainable allure of lab grown diamonds. Discover how lab grown diamond engagement rings offer a stunning alternative that is as unique as your love story.

Yellow Gold - The Reigning Trend

Get ready to indulge in the allure of yellow gold. We reveal the styles that are turning heads and adding a touch of timeless elegance to any occasion. Explore our stunning collection of yellow gold engagement rings, from classic designs to contemporary pieces that captivate the heart. In the video, we unwrap how the trend of yellow gold rings with diamonds has picked up in the last few years.

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