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Najo Sereno Necklace 45cm Gold Plated
Najo Sereno Necklace 45cm Gold Plated


Najo - N6958
The adage the days are long, but the years are short is elegantly captured in our Sereno Necklace design. Each highly polished creation is handcrafted in Italy by a family-run workshop, specialising in some of the world’s most aesthetically beautiful chains. The alternating short-round and long-oval links are hollow, creating a lighter piece for comfort. Wear her as your serene reminder to make the most of every day.

Available in sterling silver and 14kt yellow gold plated silver
7.5mm wide alternating oval and round links
Feature clasp
45cm long
Designed in Australia
Individually handcrafted by artisans
Responsibly made in Cassola, Italy