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Von Treskow Chrysler ring with Morganite
Von Treskow Chrysler ring with Morganite


9ct solid rose gold morganite ring. The Chrysler ring features a V-shaped setting, at its centre showcasing a pear shaped, peach toned Morganite. The morganite measures approximatley 5mm x 7mm (0.67ct).
The Tribeca Collection is inspired by dusk time in New York City. The New York sunset melts through its skyline. All the shades of gold from white to rose reflect the molten waves through the glittering windows of a thousand glass towers. It’s a special time as quiet energy builds in the dusky streets before night settles and the city that never sleeps comes to life. Morganite, the night-time stone, is the perfect choice to embody this moment, due to its beautiful orange hue that pairs stunningly with a rose gold setting. The stones are cut to catch the reflected gold in the same way the New York skyline captures the setting sun, holding in its beauty and power for the night ahead.