Sapphires: so much more than just the blues

Unveiling sapphire splendour at Duffs Jewellers: beyond the blues

Did you know that sapphires and rubies share an identical chemical composition, both stemming from the mineral corundum? These gemstones boast the same chemical structure and composition, both originating from the mineral corundum. Their hue is influenced by the presence of trace elements during the formation process.

While most of us think of sapphires as being blue, they actually come in a wide range of colours. The word “sapphire” actually means blue corundum, and when we refer to other colours of sapphire they are prefixed by their colour, eg pink sapphire, yellow sapphire, green sapphire and so on. However there is no such thing as a red sapphire - instead, it’s the glamorous ‘ruby’ we all know and love.

The colour blue is often associated with royalty (you’ve no doubt heard of “royal blue”). Princess Diana rocked a sapphire and diamond engagement ring decades ago and this timeless piece was given a popularity boost when Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton with his mother’s sapphire ring. So if it’s fit for engagement rings royalty…

At Duffs Jewellers Geelong, we delve into a world where sapphire rings transcend the traditional blues, offering a spectrum of captivating colours.

Where are sapphires found?

Sapphires mostly come from three main countries, each upholding a distinct hue. Sapphires found in Sri Lanka are known as “Ceylon Sapphires” (the previous name for Sri Lanka). These usually come in beautiful bright “cornflower blue” hues. Sapphires from Thailand are a slightly darker shade of blue sapphire. Sapphires from Australia are an incredibly rich, even darker shade of blue, often paired with diamonds to create stand-out custom-made jewellery pieces.

Wondering about price?

Less pricey than a ruby, sapphires are breathtakingly beautiful in blues or any other colour. Classic blue is the most valuable, followed by pink, with prices dropping further for yellows and greens and other colour variations. 

What about lab-grown sapphires?

Lab grown sapphires are another option, providing a near flawless sapphire in an array of beautiful colours - at a more affordable price than natural sapphires. These sapphires are exactly the same as natural sapphires, just grown under controlled conditions - an exact copy of nature!

Choose a sapphire for your next jewellery piece

These precious gems are a perfect option for everyday wear. A classic look for an engagement ring, or a stunning pop of colour to your newest engagement ring design; sapphires are a hard, durable option, less susceptible to chipping and scratching than some other gemstones.

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