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Be inspired by the legend of the St Valentine (without losing your head)

Posted on February 07 2022

Be inspired by the legend of the St Valentine (without losing your head)

In the modern era, Valentine’s Day is all about expressing love - usually through the exchange of cards, flowers, chocolates and of course, diamonds.

But did you know, the day has an interesting and even dark past, commonly linked to the martyrdom of one or two legendary Christian martyrs. One signed a letter to his love “from your Valentine” shortly before he was be-headed. Oh dear.

Thankfully these days we can express love freely without losing our head. From simple cards through to more lavish gifts, there are many ways to say “I love you”.

Valentine’s Day is a very popular day to pop the question. It is, after all, the most romantic day of the year.

If you’re ready to commit … but the idea of choosing a ring is more terrifying than choosing the perfect partner. Don’t panic, we’ve got an easy-to-follow diamond buying guide to help you choose the best engagement ring for you and your budget.

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But even if your relationship is not quite at that stage (or you’re already married), jewellery can be a very special gift on Valentine’s Day.

Timeless gift ideas include heart-shaped pendants and charms, and of course anything at all featuring diamonds. However for something a bit more unique, consider pink diamonds.

Australia’s revered Argyle pink diamonds are exquisitely beautiful and also extremely durable, making them perfect for engagement rings and heirloom jewellery pieces.

For Valentine’s Day gift inspiration, see our jewellery online or browse in store. Our staff are happy to help you find something just perfect for your Valentine.