Duffs Jewellers 1ct Diamond Giveaway

Win big on our 90th Birthday

In celebration of 90 years of business, Duffs Jewellers are giving away two 1ct diamond solitaire rings from the 18th April 2017 until close of business Saturday 13th of May 2017

One diamond ring can be won in any Duffs Jewellers store in the Geelong region and the other from their brand new store in Pacific Werribee. Anyone can enter this giveaway by making a purchase over $150.00. Two entries will be given to purchases $500.00 and over. The draws will be an exciting end to what will be a fantastic promotion, come along and join us at 11 am on Mother’s Day at either our Market Square store or our Werribee store.  Who knows it might make a Mother’s day very special indeed.

The reason why the classic solitaire diamond ring was chosen for this giveaway is because the diamond has been the cornerstone of their business from the beginning. They do not have branded engagement rings, instead, they manufacture each ring that is displayed in the store. That is why the quality of Duffs products are so outstanding.

“We travel overseas several times a year to purchase diamonds and other rare gemstones. We handpick every single stone and make them into designs we know our customers will love. That is the Duffs difference,” remarked Ross Duff, owner of Duffs Jewellers.

This is the biggest and the most exciting giveaway that Duffs Jewellers has ever done. The diamond solitaire is symbolic of the Duffs brand it is both classic and timeless. For your chance to win, visit any Duffs Jewellers store before time runs out.

Fancy Coloured Diamonds

Learn about the different types of coloured diamonds and how Duffs Jewellers can source the perfect colour for you!

At Duffs Jewellers, we love diamonds. They are the cornerstone of our business. We specialise in diamond jewellery and diamond engagement rings. That includes fancy coloured diamonds such as yellow diamonds, brown diamonds, pink diamonds and many more. 

We have some coloured diamonds in store such as the stunning yellow diamond engagement ring in the banner. Whereas, other rings featuring coloured diamonds are custom made for customers who have a specific idea of what they want – take for instance the brown chocolate diamond engagement ring above. We source our diamonds locally and internationally, for instance, our team goes to Hong Kong every year to source diamonds for clients and to expand our own diamond collection. 

If you are looking for an engagement ring but are bored of the traditional white diamond, then maybe a coloured diamond is more to your liking. Purchasing a coloured diamond enhances your style, you will never be disappointed with this bold choice!  

About Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds

Naturally coloured diamonds are extremely rare and are a natural occurrence. When someone talks about a “fancy diamond” they do not mean a diamond that is discoloured as this relates impurities that cause a white diamond to look dirty and yellow. A fancy diamond is typically more vivid in colour and only 1 out of approximately 10,000 carats of diamonds are coloured. 

Coloured diamonds are formed when foreign particles impact the crystallization process and depending on what this particle is the colour changes. A coloured diamond range can come in pink, red, purple, blue, green, yellow, orange and champagne. The most common of these are yellow diamonds.

Yellow Diamonds

Often referred to as “canary” diamonds, the yellow diamond is one of the most popular diamonds for engagement rings. The yellow comes from nitrogen which entered the diamond during the crystallization process. This caused blue light to be absorbed which gives the diamond it’s luminous yellow colour. 

Pink Diamonds

Pink diamonds are increasing in popularity for engagement rings. The intense pink colour was made by the pressure and heat during the formation process which caused the stone to absorb green light. Australia, particularly the Kimberley region, is known as a source of pink diamonds but this is a finite source. 

Brown Diamonds

Like pink diamonds, brown diamonds were made when green light was absorbed by the stone. Brown diamonds are increasingly being used as a unique centre stone of engagement rings but until the 1800’s they were only thought good for industrial use as it was an unpopular colour. They are found primarily in Australia and are coined “champagne diamonds”. 

Green Diamonds

Green diamonds are slowly making an impact on people but are rarer than yellow, pink and brown diamonds, which make them more expensive. The colour is made from the stone being exposed to radiation near the earth’s crust. It then absorbs red and yellow light which produces the unique hue. It is typically matched with pink diamonds. 

Purple Diamonds

These types of diamonds are very rare and are extremely expensive. Only a very few have ever been mined in Australia. Scientists believe that the colour is due to lattice distortion and the presence of hydrogen in the stone. It is not commonly used in engagement rings due to its scarcity, but it would look incredible.

Blue and Blue-Grey Diamonds

This is a very rare gemstone, similar to the violet diamonds but slightly more accessible. These are being used in engagement rings more often in recent times. The stone is blue due to the presence of the Boron particle which makes the stone absorb red, green and yellow light. The strength of blue varies and the more vivid blue is more popular for engagement rings, but the blue-grey stones can appear quite grey and not very blue. 

Start Your Colourful Journey

If you want a beautiful engagement ring that is uniquely “you” then you cannot go past a coloured diamond. Whatever your favourite colour or budget, we can help you find the stone of your dreams. Simply come in store to chat with our friendly jewellers to take the first step in your colourful journey. 

Should You Upgrade Your Engagement Ring?

Diamonds Are Forever? Maybe Not – The Trend To Upgrade.

It’s the oldest story in the book and one that’s been told in many forms over many years.

Boy meets girl. Boy falls in love with girl. Boy asks girl to marry him and presents her with a beautiful diamond ring to seal his love because diamonds are forever. Or are they?

Many couples are taking part in the new trend to upgrade the engagement ring should boy, girl or both find themselves enjoying an “upgraded” lifestyle a little later into their marriage.

It is a controversial topic and just like love, marriage and all things romance, upgrading the diamond ring that the blushing bride received to betroth her to her beau, can evoke a passionate response.

We understand that there is probably no other piece of jewellery with more meaning and sentiment attached than that of the engagement ring. It’s a promise of a life together and a symbol of a commitment.

Some may find the concept of upgrading insulting to their dearly beloved, but it simply makes sense to improve your ring as you improve your financial situation. Infact some couples on the cusp of engagement now are in discussions about the “practice” or “stand by” ring just until they can afford to have the original ring replaced or redesigned into a more extravagant setting more befitting of their tastes. As they grow old together.

Wherever you stand on the practice of upgrading the diamond ring, it’s a trend that’s catching on so we’ve put together 3 tips for couples who are in fact in the process of upgrading.

  • With which ring do I thee wed?  Replace or Redesign? 
  • Decisions, decisions. You will have to make some. An upgrade doesn’t necessarily mean replacement. Many couples feel the original ring is steeped in sentimentality and want to retain some of its features so opt for a redesign. A redesign could entail anything from switching out a center stone to overhauling the ring’s existing setting. What is integral though when making the decision to upgrade and/or redesign is to thoroughly research all of your options.
  • Upgrading your ring does not have to mean out with the old and in with the new or that you are leaving the past in the past. With the right redesign you can maintain the integrity of your precious engagement memories and enhance them to take into the future.
  • Is bigger better? 
  • Whilst size does matter regarding the value of a diamond, quality is more important than quantity. All diamonds are not created equal so look for the highest quality diamond you can afford as long term this is what will retain the value. Take unique or distinctive features into consideration and look for perfection in polish, symmetry, and proportion. So whether you go with a new ring or upgrading your old ring, when it comes to diamond settings, choose according to the four C’s.  Cut, colour, clarity and carat weight are a given but also seek a fifth C in the form of a certificate to assure your diamond’s authenticity and provide you with the sixth C of confidence.
  • Do you take this Jeweller?
  • It’s integral to find a jeweller that you trust.  A good jeweller will spend the time you need to discuss your perfect dream ring and assist you with important design and technical elements such as the difference between a diamond’s carat weight, clarity and colour. He or she will also explain how each can work to enhance your upgraded ring.

At Duffs Jewellers we have a deep commitment to manufacturing the highest quality engagement rings. We have our own in-store workshop and remodel by hand. Come in store and show us your engagement ring, as well as an image of a ring style you like or we can help create the design of your dreams. 

Marc Jacobs Watch Winner 2017

Duffs Jewellers along side Market Square Geelong gave away a stunning Marc Jacobs watch!

Today was very exciting for everyone in the Duffs Jewellers Market Square store! The lucky winner of our Marc Jacobs watch competition came to pick up her prize.

If you missed it, back in January, Market Square Geelong was having a competition and we donated a stunning Marc Jacobs watch valued at $329. Altogether, the competition generated a lot of buzz and we were happy to participate in such a great campaign.

When our winner Sophia came in we knew we had to share the news with you! Here is a picture of Anthony giving Sophia her new watch.

We love doing giveaways both in the store and via Facebook. We do many throughout the year and the prizes range from jewellery to watches. Keep watching our Facebook to participate in other giveaways coming SOON.